These top female-friendly styling ideas are guaranteed to add an extra level of class (and comfort) to your big day…

Pashminas & Blankets

A must-have for late spring / early autumn weddings.


See our KEEPING WARM page for more information and photos.


3€ per pashmina 

5€ per blanket

(including a container for presentation)

Classic Parasols

Available in lace or paper, or a mixture of the two, these classy additions to your styling line up will be greatly appreciated on a hot summer day!


See our KEEPING COOL page for more information.


Prices from 50€ for a stand of 10 parasols


A popular option for placing on the ceremony chairs.  Ladies (and gents!) can then keep hold of their own fan for the remainder of the celebrations.


See our KEEPING COOL page for more information.


Prices from 15€ for 10 fans

Pamper Baskets

No one feels it worse than the ladies when you’re out and you realise you’ve forgotten something vital.  Be it hairspray, sanitary products, lip balm, deodorant or hair clips, the lack of it has the potential to ruin your evening.


We have wicker baskets, wine boxes, glass boxes and antique wooden harvest baskets, all of which work perfectly as attractive containers for your personalised selection of pamper goodies.  Team it up with a scented candle and a small floral arrangement to bring a touch of class to your loos.


Prices from 25€

Bespoke Pop-Up Cloakrooms

Most venues do not provide a fit-for-purpose space for guests to hang up their jackets or drop off their bags.  This often leads guests to depositing their belongings around the grounds or by their chairs at the dinner table.


If you’d prefer to keep things tidy and provide your guests with a functioning cloakroom, we have just the thing.


On an April showers kind of day, our wrought iron umbrella stand is a must-have, and our vintage metal coat rail can take up to 20 coats, jackets or cardigans on beautiful cedar wood hangers.


We also provide luxury shoe racks for ladies looking to change into something more comfortable later in the day, as well as a ticketing service for handbags.


Prices from 100€

Staffed cloakrooms from 300€

Flip Flops

Whilst a French chateau, Montenegrin mill or Tuscan villa may ooze charm, these are not usually the ideal places for stilettos!


Whilst the ladies will no doubt wish to start off the day donning their Louboutins or Jimmy Choos, it may be that something more comfortable is required later in the day.


Our ‘Dancing Shoes’ basket is always a hit with the ladies, especially once the band starts to play…!


Prices from 50€ for 10 pairs of flip flops or 80€ for 10 pairs of Espadrilles

Vintage suitcase or wicker picnic basket included for presentation

Loo Upgrade Package

We’ve been around the block a bit and know better than anyone how a venue, beautiful in every other way, can provide disappointment when visiting the loo!


If you fear this is the case with your venue, read on…


Our standard toilet upgrade includes:

  • A thorough clean of your selected event loos on the wedding morning
  • Scented candles in your choice of holder
  • Luxury toilet paper
  • Luxury organic hand soap
  • Luxury, thick white hand towels
  • Floral arrangement

100€ per loo

Toilet Angels

Not got an in-house team at your venue?  No problem!  Our Toilet Angels will replenish loo rolls, relight extinguished candles, tidy and restock your pamper basket, mop soggy floors and replace wet towels for the whole evening, meaning your loos stay 5*, even if those visiting them do not!

200€ per Toilet Angel when booked as part of a Loo Upgrade Package

(Max. 7 hours – longer bookings on request)