Montenegro Weddings - FAQs

Where can we get married?

If you opt to hold a humanist blessing, either alongside a legal wedding or in place of one, you are free to hold the ceremony wherever you choose – from the grounds of your venue/hotel (with their permission) to the beach, to a boat, to the top of a mountain!


You are also free to ask whomever you wish to act as the celebrant.


Should you opt for holding only the blessing in Montenegro, please note you just need to ensure you have legally married elsewhere before the ceremony in Montenegro (where you live is the simplest option).  This could be 12 hours before, 1 week before or 1 year before, it really doesn’t matter, so long as it is before!


We strongly recommend, if you’re booking your venue yourself, that you state clearly that you intend to hold a wedding celebration there during your stay, as there are some venues whose owners prohibit wedding celebrations taking place.  It’s better to be disappointed at the outset than to book and find out later on when you will likely lose your deposit payment.


If you’re celebrating your legal wedding in Montenegro, your options will be slightly more limited (see the legal weddings section for more information).

Can we get legally married in Montenegro?



Montenegro has no residency rule for marriage, meaning anyone can be legally married in the country.


This said, there are some administrative hoops to jump through, meaning many opt for legally marrying at home ahead of the blessing in Montenegro.


We can assist you in the process of organising your legal wedding in Montenegro.  You will need to allow c. 650€ in your budget for the administrative costs.

How far in advance do we need to book our venue?

To ensure you’re able to book the venue of your dreams on your chosen date, we recommend booking your venue as soon as possible.  The ATWGM wedding planners will make this a priority when you book with us.


Ideally, your venue should be booked 9-12 months in advance of your wedding to ensure no compromises or disappointment.


This isn’t to say that venues aren’t available later on; it may just be that you have to compromise on dates.

Very few venues reduce their prices the nearer we get to the date in question so you have nothing to gain except unnecessary stress by holding off on booking.  It will also hold up the process of booking your suppliers, which could result in further compromises down the line.

How many people can a Montenegrin wedding venue accommodate?

Villas can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 30 guests, but the average is 12-16.  Larger capacity options are usually complexes of villas and/or apartments.


Hotels are also a popular venue option in Montenegro, with some really beautiful options, particularly in coastal areas.  Here, of course, capacity will be higher and you may even be able to accommodate your complete guest list within one building.


Please do note, however, that it will be quite pricey to privatise a hotel, although there are fabulous wedding packages available giving you exclusive access to the grounds or a section of the hotel for the wedding day.

How much does it cost to get married in Montenegro?

It is wise to allow a minimum of 10,000€ for your wedding venue and 100€ per head for food and drink throughout the day.  Flowers will cost you on average 1,500€ with musicians varying from a few hundred euros to a few thousand, depending upon the brief.


In total, it is wise to allow a minimum of 30,000€ for a wedding of 50-70 guests to ensure you do not have to compromise on the elements which matter to you.

When you talk about our budget, what does this include?

The venue, all suppliers (photographer, musicians, celebrant, flowers, DJ etc.), the wedding planner & stylist on the wedding day, tables, chairs & tableware, your wedding dinner including canapés, a wedding cake, beverages throughout the wedding day, including still & sparkling wine, beer machine and evening spirit bar, additional staffing for your wedding day (waiting staff, bar staff etc.), favours.

…and what doesn’t this budget include?

Attire – wedding dress, suits, shoes etc., rings, the honeymoon, flights to France, accommodation for guests not staying at the venue.


If you’re not sure, it’s best to check with us at the booking stage, so as to avoid any stress later on.

Do you arrange the celebrant/priest, venue, catering, photographer and evening arrangements?

This will depend upon the details of your booking, agreed at the start of your time with us.


If you take us on within a full planning capacity then we will assist you in selecting these suppliers, either from our extensive roster or externally.


It is also possible to book an ATWGM wedding planner to assist with part of the planning, for those couples who have already booked some or all of their wedding suppliers and simply need help in the lead up to the wedding.


We have no set ‘packages’ so your booking will be based around your requirements, not ours!